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We are proud to be Australia’s first Shimano Service centre. Offering a full range of small parts from Shimano and their associate brands.

A service offers a thorough check-up on the bike to keep it running smoothly.

Our workshop caters from kids bikes through to professional level road, triathlon and mountain bikes including suspension servicing and set up.

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general Service $79includes
  • Wipe down frame and inspect cycle (we will advise if extra work is needed)
  • Inspect frame and forks
  • Adjust gears (front and rear)
  • Adjust brakes (front and rear)
  • Oil chain
  • Check condition of headset
  • Check condition of and inflate tyres
  • Check both wheels (hubs and spokes)
  • Safety check (check nuts and bolts and moving parts)
  • Replace valve caps, washers,bolts, etc. where necessary
deluxe Service$139includes
  • A deluxe service is recommended every 3 to 9 months, dependent on use, and includes the general service plus:
  • Check chain and cassette for wear (and clean if required)
  • Replace chain and cassette if necessary (parts not included)
  • True wheels
  • Check both wheel hubs and adjust if needed
  • Check and tighten headset
  • Check and replace cables if necessary (parts not included)
  • Check and replace brake pads if necessary (parts not included)
total overhaul$229includes
  • A full service is recommended every 12 to 18 months for those who use their bike heavily. It includes deluxe service, plus:
  • Strip bicycle to frame clean and check alignment
  • Degrease all parts and service as required
  • Replace all cables and brake pads as necessary (parts not included)
  • Clean wheels
  • Replace tyres if necessary (parts not included)
  • Reset tyre and he